Will you be able to retire?

2% of Americans...

 ...will be able to retire, financially free. .


...with financial help; ie: Social Security, friends, and family.

25% die, sorry.

1 out 4 high school graduates do not live to retire. Accidents, being the most common cause of death. 

Unfortunately. 70% of Americans do live to retire...

 ...dead broke! 

"It's never too late," does not apply.

 Financially independent retires have one thing in common. Their money works for them. Money invested in a safe, guaranteed place is typically a retirement vehicle for financially free retirees. 

You can be a 2%er.

Invest in a deferred annuity, or immediate annuity, if you have a lump-sun of money, such as a 401k, that you want in a safe investment vehicle, with guaranteed payout options. 

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