Affordable Health Insurance Options

Medical Insurance

Obamacare only allows for health insurance policies sold outside of the Market Place be limited to 3 months.  The current Administration allows “linking” four 3 month polices to provide a years coverage. This type of health insurance is called Short Term Medical. 

Accidental Injury

Pays set benefits for injury related medical treatments. You can use the benefits of an Accidental Injury policy to pay the deductibles and copays of your health insurance. The benefits are paid directly to you. 

Critical Illness

Pays set benefits for Critical Illnesses and life threatening illnesses. You can use the money to pay your health insurance deductibles, copays, or whatever you need. You decide. The benefits are paid to you. Life insurance is include in the premium. See agent for details


Statistically, it’s not “if,” but “when” will you experience cancer, a heart attacking, or a stroke. Cancer, Heart Attack and Stoke policies pay benefits directly to you, so you can rest easy, knowing that you can pay your bills.


A Dental Plan that offers two way to save money at the dentist. First, you get a discount at the dentist office. 42% on average.  Second, you get paid a set benefit for each procedure. Compliments any health insurance medical insurance program. Don't forget the vision insurance.

Supplemental Health Insurance Plans

TrioMED helps fill in the gaps left by most health insurance polices. Garunteed Issue policies available. 

Medicare Supplements fill help fill the many gaps left by Medicare A & B.