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Final expense

 I just want to cover my funeral expenses. I have little or no debt, over age 50, and I have no major health problems. A Final Expense policy may be right for you.

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Whole Life

 I am under 50 and have no major health problems. I want permanent life insurance, that builds cash value and has absolute guarantees. A Whole policy may be right for you.

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I have a mortgage and a family that depends on my income to keep a roof over their head. A term life insurance policy, or whole life insurance and term combination policy may be right for you. Get your life insurance quotes with Just ONE phone call.

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Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

 I am 50 years or older and want the advantages of whole, but I have some major health issues. A Guaranteed Issue Whole Life policy may be right for you. 

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Indexed Universal Whole Life

I want the benefits of whole, with more flexibility and higher cash value earning potential. An IUL may be right for you.

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Accidental Death Life Insurance

 Pays a death benefit only if your death is the result of an accident, which is a leading cause of death of individuals under 30. An Accidental Death policies are inexpensive, may be right for you.

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Important things to know about life insurance

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 A sudden illness or injury, the sort of thing we don't put on the calendar, can nullify any quote that I give you today. Don't delay what you may not qualify for tomorrow.  

30 Day Monet Back Satisfaction Guarantee

You cannot go wrong. You have a minimum 30 days to review your life insurance policy. You can return it for a full refund of premiums that you have paid. No reason required for cancellation by you.  

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